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More resilient civil societies, conscious of their impact on future generations and that contribute to the social development of their own country, starting with the surrounding community.



Support young education, helping them identifying and solving social problems, involving and inspiring the adult civil society to support social development as well.



Universal responsibility towards future generations.
Respect and empathy.
Generosity and action sustainability.
Transparency and communication in everything we do.


We know that the involvement of civil society in social causes is intimately linked to the clarity of the projects costs. We want that the transparency of our actions inspires others to act as well.


Filipe Canto e Castro

Filipe Canto e Castro

Founder of the 1% Association

He always had the dream of contributing to social causes. He founded Quick Casting, a company with over 15 years in the advertising business.

Susana Pereira

Susana Pereira

Responsible for driving the sessions in the school

She specialized in clinical and health psychology and in community psychology, with more than 10 years of experience working with children and young people.

Sofia Ribeiro

Sofia Ribeiro

Responsible for the Communication Department of 1% Association

She specialized in Communication and Marketing, and has worked in promoting institutional, educational and cultural projects.


Aware of our responsibility in contributing to the validation of social intervention programs, we've planned a course of action that we follow meticulously in each of the projects we’re involved in.


We identified a field we’re passionate about and collected all the relevant information - who operates in this field, what could be improved, and in which way can we add value to it.


We study our purpose and create bonds with the community. We research the best course of action.


We build the right team to approach each cause, we ask for support, we develop actions, we take note and evaluate the effect of each step.


We share everything we do with the transparency that can inspire others to act as well.

Help as you can

A program in the field of education, with a huge multiplier effect.

Desenho e metodologia do Ajuda como Podes por Maria Palha até junho 2018

TV e placa elétrica para idosa isolada

Institution: SCML Vivo sozinha e não tenho companhia. Tenho-me isolado dos meus vizinhos e também não consigo emprego, porque já sou idosa. How to help?
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  • Placa elétrica
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Vigilância policial

Institution: SCML O nosso bairro tem tido cada vez mais assaltos, por falta de vigilância policial. Se ao menos houvesse vigilância policial, deixaríamos de ter medo de passear nas ruas. Procuramos a... How to help?

Colchão para idosa com demência

Institution: SCML Sou idosa e foi-me diagnosticada uma demência, por isso, tenho tido muitas doenças que me obrigam a passar horas na cama. O meu colchão está muito degradado e, se tivesse um... How to help?
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What is it, and how does it work?

This is the first project of the 1% Association. The program, committed to the field of education, is intended to enable children to be agents of humanity. The children, during the school year, will have access to tools and experiences that will lead them to create volunteer groups to solve their community’s needs. The program is structured in weekly sessions with a total of 24 to 30 hours by the end of the school year, and work as a complement of activities to the school ecosystem.

A quem se destina

To whom is it?

Children from 5 to 10. Once we will grow, we will adapt our materials to other age ranges (from 3 to 4 and from 11 to 17). We believe that, by introducing this program into the school curriculum, we will generate an indirect impact in the whole school's ecosystem.

Como apoiar

How to support?

Until July 2018, there will only be one way of supporting the program Help as you can - economic support. 1% Association is open to monetary support of any amount, which will be used in the research, management and preparation of materials to implementing the first program Help as you can.

Avaliação de impacto do Projeto Ajuda como Podes

04 Jul 2018

O projeto “Ajuda Como Podes” decorreu numa turma de 5º ano, de 18 alunos (9/10 anos). Teve 28 sessões (45/50 min.) com presença média de 18 crianças...

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Speed date: Momento de partilha e entrega de bens, serviços e tempo de serviços

02 Jul 2018

Desde o início do ano letivo, que o Projeto Ajuda como Podes, da Associação 1%, esteve a ser implementado, numa turma de alunos do 5º ano, no colégio Valsassina. ...

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What Valsassina College's think about the project Ajuda Como Podes?

02 Jul 2018

We already shared with our followers, here, the opinion of our students about the project Ajuda Como Podes, as well as that of their parents and the teacher of the class. This time we wanted to hear t...


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