Help As You Can
Help As You Can

The first project of the 1% Association has begun to change communities in Lisbon. Get to know more about the project, its recent developments and where we want to go next.

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Contribute to improve your and other communities. Learn how to get involved in our projects and start changing the lives of those around you.

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Citizenship is the individual exercise of belonging to a collective. It is the being part of the all. In this week's article, we discuss the role of Emotional Education in Citizenship.

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  • Ajuda Como Podes Testemunho Manuel Duque Ascenção
    “I really like (the Help As You Can Project) because we help people realize that we should change, and we should not do anything wrong. I really like the activities.”
    Manuel Duque Ascenção
    Student 1% — Colégio Valsassina, Marvila, Lisbon
  • Ajuda Como Podes Testemunho Inês Dias
    “The activities are very different/diverse and different from everything we do/normally at school. Everything we learn may be useful to us in the future.”
    Inês Dias
    Student 1% — Colégio Valsassina, Marvila, Lisbon